MLTrain’s team members have years of industrial experience. We can work with your team to cover areas of your team’s interest and offer on-demand corporate training events tailored to the needs of your company.

  • Supercharge your software engineers

    Hiring data scientists can be challenging. Companies hide a lot of talent within their software engineering teams.

    Throughout our experience in the industry we have observed that talented software engineers can very easily and successfully transition to data science. Moreover they can cover the gap of Machine Learning Engineers which is in high demand in the industry.

    MLTrain offers a specialized curriculum for educating and advancing software engineers in data science and machine learning. After an introductory 2-day workshop we help your engineers to work on real machine learning problems of your company. Our team members have years of industrial experience and also actively publish in major ML conferences

  • Keep your data science team up to date

    MLTrain follows very closely the advances of AI and Machine Learning, by organizing workshops inside big conferences like NIPS, ICML, UAI, etc. The goal of these workshops are to highlight the practical and implementation aspects of notable papers and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

    MLTrain offers a single day workshop to your company that summarizes recent notable papers. During the workshop we go through the topics of the papers and also through Python notebooks that discuss the details of the implementation. We can work with your team to cover areas of your team’s interest.

  • Educate your executives

    AI and machine learning are advancing so fast that it becomes impossible for the managers and executives to follow all the recent developments. Knowing and understanding the potential of new technologies is key for defining the vision and the strategy of the company. Understanding of modern AI is also key to attracting talent and building winning teams.

    MLTrain team has experienced members that teach executive education courses in major business schools. We offer on-site single or 2 day courses, tailored to the needs of your company.

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