Machine Learning and TensorFlow

Jun 02 - 03, 2017

Ebay, NYC

MLTrain is coming back to NY for another training event. Nick Vasiloglou and Alex Dimakis will cover several Machine Learning and TensorFlow topics. We have prepared a 2 day curriculum. You can register for each day individually or for both days.

The space is offered by Ebay!


  • 6/2/2017



Introduction to TensorFlow and Keras

This session is intended for beginners. The only requirements are:

  • Be familiar with python programming
  • Be familiar with basic Machine Learning principles
  • Have TensorFlow installed before the class date

After the completion of the session you will know the basic functionality of TensorFlow. You will be able to build simple models and also use it in data science projects.


Introduction to TensorFlow

  • MLTrain Introduction
  • Tensors Basics
  • Computational Graph Model
  • Graph Inspection & Visualization with TensorBoard
  • Basic Ops

Linear Algebra

  • Fundamentals of Linear Algebra
  • Least Square Problem
  • Manipulating Matrices in TensorFlow
  • Sparse/Dense Matrix/Vectors Operations
  • Limitations of TF

Optimization In TensorFlow

  • Objective Function
  • Gradients Computation
  • The tf.Optimizer Class
  • Predefined Optimizers
  • TF Linear Regression Model In 3 Lines
  • Predefined Losses

Overview of the tf.contrib.learn package

  • The Estimator class
  • feature columns and feature engineering
  • input_processing
  • linear Estimators in tf.contrib.learn
  • Explicit kernel methods
  • training deep models in tf.contrib.learn
  • Logging and monitoring

Introduction to Neural Networks

  • Fundamentals of Neural Nets
  • The back propagation algorithm
  • Convolutional Nets
  • Recurrent Neural Nets
  • Applications


Ebay625 6th Ave (between 18th & 19th), 3rd floor , New York, NY