Aug 11 @ 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Learn how to code papers with TensorFlow, MXNet, CNTK and PyTorch

This summer the heart of machine learning is beating in Australia.

Three major conferences ICML, UAI and IJCAI are taking place back to back in Sydney and Melbourne from August 6th to August 25th.

On August 11th UAI and ICML are collocating the ICML workshops and UAI tutorials. As part of these events and in an effort to bridge the gap between academic papers and their implementation, MLTrain is teaming up with UAI to provide a full day of training events.

We will host several 3 hour sessions during which instructors will be teaching how to implement academic papers using state of the art frameworks such as TensorFlow, MXNet, CNTK and PyTorch. These events will be presented as a combination of lectures and hands on exercises using ipython notebooks, and applications using real data. Events like these will allow participants to take famous academic papers and apply them successfully in industry. Please follow us on facebook and twitter for updates and news.

Find out about the program at the UAI website